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invisalign and braces doctor in allen texas discussing treatment options

Invisalign Vs. Braces Which One is Better?



Ahh the age old question… to straighten teeth with Invisalign or Braces. Okay, maybe it’s not the age old question for everyone but I deal with this every day. It seems like summer time is the time where everyone wants to straighten their teeth. With many people staying at home straightening their teeth with no […]

Cosmetic Dentist in Dallas TX

Best Teeth Whitening


Dental Questions

Hey guys! It’s Dr. Nate again. Pretty sure absolutely everyone wants straight, white teeth! Patients (and friends…and family) ask us all the time what is the best whitening kit or best teeth whitening services. Dr. Nathan can get your teeth straight but making them white is a whole other issue. We love white teeth at […]

root canal dentist in allen texas

What is a Root Canal and How Much Does it Cost?


Emergency Dental

Hey guys! Dr. Nate here. I want to talk to you about one of the most common dental questions people ask: What is a root canal and how does much it cost?  Most people dread getting a root canal but it may not be as bad as you might imagine. And the more you know […]

family dentist comfort dental anxiety in Frisco texas

Are you Afraid of the Dentist?


Emergency Dental

Does this sound like you? Going to the dentist has been on your to-do list for ages, but the thought of going makes you feel…uneasy. Maybe you had a bad experience in the past? Maybe it’s been awhile since your last check-up, and you’re embarrassed? When you finally do get in, you feel overwhelmed trying […]

orthodontist and dentist in frisco dental office

Our Story


Our Heart

Welcome, friend. We are so grateful you are here. We are absolutely honored to serve you and your family, and we want to share our heart and the reason behind everything we do. Back in the Day… Well, back when we first graduated from dental school, we were bright-eyed and excited to save the world, […]

orthodontist in allen, texas teaches us what an orthodontist is

What is an Orthodontist?



Hey, guys! Dr. Nate here. So even some of my friends don’t really know what I do so I thought I would explain it here. I want to answer the question “what is an orthodontist?” and hopefully give you some guidance on why I think (okay I’m a little biased) that you should only trust […]

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7 tips for creating a beautiful & inviting  dental home

Dr. Christine shares her secrets for creating a stunning and cozy dental home that her patients adore

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