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What To Know Before Starting Invisalign

by Dr. Nathan

Invisalign has been around for over 20 years now, and it keeps getting better and better. We get patients every day saying they want to start Invisalign, but they aren’t sure of the process. I want to talk to you about everything you should know before starting Invisalign.

Get your fillings and cleaning done.

Before starting Invisalign, you need to have your fillings, cleaning, crowns, etc., completed before getting the impressions. Getting your fillings done is important because if we took your impression today, and in a week, you need a crown or a filing, your teeth shape will change a little. 

This little change in tooth shape will prevent the original trays from fitting. If that’s the case, we would need to retake impressions, and it’s just a waste of time. 

The exception to this rule is if you need a bridge or implant. If possible, it’s best to leave those restorations until after orthodontic treatment. Once you place a dental implant, it DOES NOT MOVE. The implant will be in the perfect spot for where your teeth are now but not in a great spot after moving all your teeth with Invisalign.

It takes 4-6 weeks to get the invisalign trays.

It’s always funny that so many patients say they want to start Invisalign and think they will walk out with clear aligners that same day. 

We need to take the impression or scan, send it to Invisalign, analyze it, and then fabricate the trays. Getting the aligners is a longer process than braces, and that’s why it takes so long to get your trays. 

The time we spend waiting is one of the reasons Invisalign typically takes longer than braces. With Invisalign, you are just waiting around a lot for the trays to be delivered.

You will likely have attachments and change your tray every week.

Invisalign is the most esthetic option, but you will have attachments on some teeth. If you have to move teeth more than just a little, be prepared to get some attachments. This surprises some patients, even though we mention it multiple times during the consults. 

Most patients see these beautiful pictures on Instagram and figure the trays look perfect, but they don’t realize that many teeth will need small little attachments to move teeth effectively.


Invisalign is a fantastic product. It allows you to move your teeth effectively without the need for metal braces. Yet, it’s important to note that it takes 4-6 weeks to get the trays, you should have your cavities fixed before any impressions, and you will likely need attachments on teeth that need to move a more significant distance.

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