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Discount Plan

At Thrive Dental and Orthodontics we offer a very special Healthy Smiles Discount Plan.

We want every patient to benefit from great oral health even if they do not have dental insurance.

Yearly Membership $149

Additional Members $125

Discount price
Typical Cost
Your Savings
Exam & X-rays
Adult Teeth Cleaning
Child's teeth cleaning
Deep cleaning per quadrant
Porcelain crown & buildup
Root canal bicuspid
Dental implant
Braces monthly payments*

The membership fee is $149/year. Each additional family member is $125/Year. No Initiation fee. No waiting period. No yearly maximum.
Implant fee must be paid before the implant placement date
Patient is eligible for two exams and x-rays per year
*Traditional braces without appliances

In-office finanacing

In addition to the third-party financing we offer, in-house payment plans are also available here so that patients and busy families can better manage their cost of treatment in relation to their unique budget. We’re happy to spread out payments over several months (up to 24 at a time) with NO additional interest to worry about for our orthodontic patients.

Would you prefer to pay for your treatment all at once? If so, be sure to ask us about our special discount pricing! Every situation is unique, and our team will help you find the financial approach that works best for you.

Medical insurance, on the other hand, focuses more on the reactionary aspect. When a problem occurs, you schedule an appointment to see your doctor to address and treat the symptoms.


Dental care and orthodontic treatment may feel out of reach for patients who don’t currently have insurance coverage, but we’d like for you to know about another way – CareCredit!

CareCredit offers several lengths of payment plans that can be used to manage the overall cost of a wide variety of different procedures, including purely cosmetic care that wouldn’t be covered by insurance regardless. Better yet, these plans come with very little or even NO interest attached, depending on your plan’s chosen length.

Care Credit card

Don't forget about our complimentary whitening for life!

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