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How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

By: Dr. Nathan Coughlin

Invisalign is a powerful way to move teeth without the need for metal braces. Invisalign has been around for multiple decades and continues to improve its technology, yet many people are still wondering “what is the cost of Invisalign?”.

Although Invisalign is one of the most expensive options to straighten your teeth, it may be the best choice for many adults.

I am currently going through Invisalign treatment and love the process and the results I’ve obtained so far.

So what is the cost of invisalign?

When comparing metal braces, clear braces, and Invisalign, the cost goes up with each option. Metal braces being the most affordable form of orthodontics, and Invisalign is the most expensive.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $4100 to $6500 for Invisalign.

Why is invisalign so expensive?

There is a lot of innovation behind the Invisalign brand, and it is the most effective method to move teeth with clear aligners.

Invisalign is the best clear aligner therapy, and they charge the orthodontist a large lab fee for their technology. This lab fee gets passed onto the patients. Unfortunately, the lab fees continue to rise, and therefore the price of Invisalign treatment may increase as well. 

How does the orthodontist determine the price to charge me for invisalign?

Invisalign prices are based upon three (3) factors.

  1. Length of treatment time.
  2. The need for additional appliances like an expander or a holding arch.
  3. Insurance benefits.

If your treatment time is longer, the fees for treatment will be more significant because of the need for further office visits and doctor time. 

Additional appliances cost money and will affect treatment costs as well. You can expect to pay $250-$750 additional per appliance that is needed. 

Insurance can help you greatly when it comes to Invisalign prices. Contact your insurance provider to see if you have orthodontic benefits for Invisalign.

How much is invisalign with insurance?

Orthodontic benefits can be used towards Invisalign. You must stay with your insurance provider for the duration of treatment to utilize all your benefits.

For example, if you have $2000 of orthodontic benefits, that amount will likely be paid to the orthodontist over two years. 

If you choose to leave your employment and switch insurance, all of your orthodontic benefits will NOT have been paid out to the dental office, and you will need to pay the difference. 

Many patients have $2000 to $3000 of orthodontic benefits; therefore, if your total treatment cost is $5500, you will only be responsible for $3500.

Your Invisalign payments can be paid out in low or no interest payments for the duration of treatment. 

Invisalign cost summary

Invisalign is one of the more expensive methods to move teeth, but it is worth it. I am currently undergoing treatment right now and love the process.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $4100 to $6500 for your Invisalign treatment.

Orthodontic insurance benefits can help significantly reduce Invisalign costs, and your orthodontic payments can be made monthly at no interest.


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