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Getting braces? What to expect on your first few visits in dallas, tx.

Let’s guide you through your first few visits in braces.

Improving your smile with braces is very exciting and sometimes nerve-wracking as parents and patients are uncertain of the steps involved.

Let me guide you through the first few visits you will go through when getting braces at our Dallas, TX, location.


Your first visit is very easy. After filling out the necessary paperwork, we will take a cephalometric radiograph as well as a panoramic radiograph.

The panoramic radiograph allows us to see your jaw bone level, wisdom teeth, any missing or extra teeth, as well as any anomalies in your jaw.

The cephalometric radiograph shows us the protrusion or retrusion of your teeth. In other words, that picture allows us to determine how much or little your teeth stick out.

Once X-rays are completed, your orthodontist will try to get to know you and understand your treatment goals. Most people just “want straight teeth,” which is completely fine, but if you have any specific concerns, you will review them with your orthodontist at this point.

After reviewing the radiographs, the orthodontist will look at your teeth with a mirror. Due to years of training and seeing such a variety of patients, most orthodontists will come up with a treatment plan for you right at this moment.

At our Thrive offices, we make sure you do not have to come back for any other visits because we respect your time. At this initial consultation visit, you will know how long your treatment will be, the financial costs, any appliances you may need, and your treatment options.

After the orthodontist answers all of your treatment questions, the insurance coordinator will review the financials with you.

We have three payment options at our locations.

  1. Pay in full and get a discount on the overall cost
  2. Utilize CareCredit and extend your payment plans
  3. In-office payment plans for the duration of your treatment.

The initial consultation takes roughly thirty to forty-five minutes, depending on the severity of your case and how many questions you may have.

Braces placement

You can get your braces placed on the same day of your consultation! As mentioned before, we respect your time, so we don’t believe in creating extra appointments for no reason.

If you feel comfortable with the treatment plan and finances, we place braces on the same day as your consultation.

Braces placement is a very easy procedure that does not involve any drilling or numbing. We will initially take a set of pictures for internal use. We use these pictures to show you your before and after and study them for further knowledge.

After the pictures are completed, we will start the braces placement process. This involves using etch to roughen the teeth, bond to fill in small gaps, and composite actually to glue the braces on.

As mentioned before, there is no drilling or needles involved when placing braces. The only uncomfortable part is keeping your mouth open for the roughly 10-20 minutes it takes to properly glue on all of your braces.

Adjustment visits

After your braces are placed, we typically see you every six weeks for the duration of your orthodontic treatment.

These adjustment visits are quick and do not take more than 30 minutes. During these visits, we will adjust the wire, give you rubber bands, change your colors, etc.

It’s worth noting that many patients believe their brace’s colors will change during treatment, but what’s actually happening is we are changing the colors that surround the braces. You can choose from various colors every time you come in.

Color choices are one of the best things about braces. Many patients will change their colors or bands for specific holidays or special events. They often will coordinate outfits or school colors with their braces.


The process of getting your braces is very comfortable and easy if you know what to expect. During your initial visit, you will get a few X-rays, and we will review your treatment plan and finances.

If you want to move forward, we can place your braces on the same day to save you time. During the braces placement process, there are no needles or drilling involved. It is an easy process that does not take more than thirty minutes.

After getting braces, we will see you every six weeks for the duration of your braces treatment.

If you have any questions about your treatment or want to come in for a consultation at our Dallas, TX, location we cannot wait to see you! 

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