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We utilize friendly, gentle, and intentional methods to help your child develop trust.

Kid-Friendly Dentists

A healthy smile and good dental habits begin in childhood. Our children’s dentists are trained and qualified to treat the unique needs of kids at every age and stage of development—from their very first tooth and as their smile continues to grow.

At Thrive Dental & Orthodontics, we strive to create a warm and inviting space where kids of all ages feel welcome. Most Thrive locations have designated play spaces to occupy and engage young patients. Children can play games while waiting for the dentist and watch a movie projected on the ceiling during their appointments. Kids also receive a small toy after each visit.

We set the tone for good oral hygiene for a lifetime by teaching kids how and why to care for their teeth to get them excited about their oral health.

The First Dental Appointment

At Thrive, we see children of all ages starting at six months old. Schedule your child’s first dental visit by the 1st birthday or when their first tooth erupts. We allow ample time for this initial appointment to meet your child, perform the exam, and answer your questions.

Your child can sit in your lap as we briefly examine their mouth and count their developing teeth. If needed, we’ll provide a cleaning too. We also look for possible signs of concern and discuss proper at-home hygiene with parents or guardians. 

Early dental visits help kids become familiar with the office and our team. With kid-friendly spaces and kind and caring staff, we strive to create positive associations with the dentist, so your children look forward to returning.

As your child ages and becomes old enough to understand their visits, we teach them how to care for their mouth and teeth and why good habits are essential for a healthy smile!

Preventative Care for Children

Preventative dentistry is dental care that helps children maintain good oral health. Regular dental cleanings, X-rays, and oral exams are all part of preventative care.

Thrive offers dental sealants for children between 6 and 14 when teeth are especially vulnerable to decay. Sealants provide a thin barrier that prevents food particles and bacteria from building up on teeth. Topical fluoride also strengthens tooth enamel to protect against cavities. We evaluate children individually to determine if and when to recommend fluoride treatments.

What you do between appointments is as important as your child’s dental visits. Oral hygiene to prevent cavities and gum disease starts at home, with brushing as soon as your child’s first tooth emerges. While children generally begin brushing on their own around the age of six, we recommend supervising them to ensure they do a good job every single time.

Emergency Dental Services for Kids

As much as we’d like to prevent every bump and bruise for our kids, accidents still happen. Fortunately, Thrive Dental is here to assist your child during those unpredictable dental emergencies.

From oral discomfort to a cracked tooth or a knocked-out tooth, we treat children with urgent dental issues swiftly, providing relief and keeping them as comfortable as possible throughout the process.

Call Thrive at the first sign of something wrong, and a children’s emergency dentist will make every effort to see your child as soon as possible.   

Childrens Orthodontist Services

Between metal and ceramic braces and removable aligners, children have more options than ever before to achieve a beautiful, straight smile. As your child develops, children’s dentists and orthodontists at Thrive look for jaw misalignment, overcrowding, and alignment issues that may benefit from correction with braces.

We discuss the pros and cons of different methods to develop a custom treatment plan to improve their oral health and build confidence with a healthy smile free of gaps and misalignments.  

It’s never too late to improve your child’s smile! Schedule an orthodontics consultation today.

With locations in Frisco, Allen, Sachse, Richardson, and Dallas, children’s dentists at Thrive help kids across Texas smile big and bright!




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