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Braces: do all of my baby teeth have to fall out first?

Most people believe the myth that you have to wait until all your baby teeth fall out before getting braces. But if you wait that long, chances are you will miss the best window of opportunity for fixing time-sensitive problems that may be too difficult to fix later.

Braces: when to see an orthodontist

Did you know? You need an orthodontic exam by age 7 to detect any hidden problems before it’s too late to fix them later on.

Although it may be too early to actually start orthodontic treatment, it’s the perfect time to determine the right treatment plan over the upcoming years of adult teeth coming in and baby teeth falling out.

At Thrive, orthodontic exams are complimentary, so you have nothing to lose but know.

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Braces: what to expect at your orthodontic exam

At your orthodontic exam, your orthodontist will look for the following:

  • The growth of your jawbones
    • ie. Sometimes the upper and lower jaws may be growing at different rates, and early detection of this condition will allow a better result than if treated later on in development
    • When both the upper and lower jaws are correctly aligned, the treatment time is shorter, and there is less chance of relapse (when the teeth move back to their original positions
  • correct bite – do the front teeth touch when the mouth is closed?  Does the jaw go to one side when biting down?
  • crowding and overlap of the teeth
  • oral habits – thumb sucking, pacifiers, etc.
  • spacing – is there enough space for the permanent teeth to grow in?
  • abnormal positioning of the teeth – teeth not growing into the normal arch shape of the mouth

That’s why there are two phases of orthodontic treatment.

Phase 1 allows or the correct amount of space in the mouth for the incoming adult teeth to have room to come into the proper position.

This makes phase 2 – aligning your teeth – much easier and shorter since the upper and lower jaws are correctly aligned.












In conclusion

So friend, don’t wait until all your baby teeth have fallen out because you may have missed your best window for straightening your smile. Come in today for a FREE Orthodontic consultation to ensure your smile will look the best it can be.

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by Dr. Christine Coughlin DDS

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