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It's as much about prevention as it is about treatment.


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You deserve to show up in this world as your best self.

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When selecting locations for our clinics, we ensured they were accessible and conveniently located from major local roads.

Our Story

Hi, we are Drs. Christine and Nathan Coughlin. We are on a mission to deliver outstanding dentistry to all our Texas patients.

In 2016, we opened Thrive with a simple goal: Be the standard of dentistry in Texas. We did things differently from the beginning with unbeatable pricing, simple treatment plans, and outstanding dental care and orthodontics under one roof. We continue to grow and expand our vision to create an exceptional dental experience for every patient. Dentistry simplified, made to work for you, the patient!

Read thousands of 5 star reviews from our Thrive patients

Annie K.
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My first visit here exceeded my expectations. Of all my visits to the dental office, this office was beyond accommodating. The office itself is well kept and offers complementary drinks as well as a pleasant waiting area.

Serena B.
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Love this place! It had been awhile since I had been to a dentist and my first time here, discovered I needed a good bit of work done. All of the staff, techs and doctors are very friendly, warm and welcoming.

Savern V.
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Dr. Nate’s team is very thorough and know what they’re doing. I went in for a routine visit and walked out with a comprehensive evaluation of my oral health. They even gave me a recommendation for the multiple treatment options.

Regina C.
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The entire staff is absolutely kind, compassionate, extremely attentive and want you to have a nice visit. The dental assistants are so sweet and really keep those of us that are afraid of the dentist calm. They explain everything that they are doing and work with you when you are on a budget.

Tesia T.
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I had a great experience at this facility! Everyone was kind and very friendly. The office is clean and it seemed like the team worked well together, which made me feel more comfortable. I loved how there were TVs not only on the walls, but also on the ceiling so I could continue watching TV during my exam & cleaning.

Alex C.
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Thrive Dental and Orthodontics is an exceptional dental practice that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking quality dental care and treatment. From start to finish, my experience with Thrive has been nothing short of amazing, and I am grateful to have found this dental office to take care of my dental needs.

Dallas Texas Dentist

Are you nervous to go to the dentist?

Don't worry, it won't hurt our feelings.

It’s been on your to-do list for ages. But you keep putting it off because… maybe you had a bad experience in the past? Maybe it’s been a while, and you’re embarrassed? Maybe you’re worried about the cost?

We see you friend

Let us show you the Thrive Experience.

What if we told you that coming to the dentist didn’t have to be scary or painful? Your fears will disappear the moment you’re welcomed into our cozy dental home by our trustworthy team. 

Thrive Dental Dentists in Dallas TX
Thrive Dental Best Texas Dentist

The thrive experience

Our team is here for you.

Imagine getting painless dental work by an outstanding dentist and team, while wrapped in a blanket with a pillow and comfort headphones to watch your favorite show on Netflix. Afterwards, you’re soothed with a warm lavender-infused towel.

Excellence you can trust

Rest assured, you're in good hands.

Our doctors are not only trained from the most prestigious schools, but they’re the most compassionate human beings.

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