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Root Canals

Root canals work to restore your tooth’s functions, remove pain, and prevent the need for an extraction later.

Root Canal Therapy

If you’ve ever woken up to tooth pain and aren’t sure what it means, it may be time to visit Thrive Dental and Orthodontics for treatment. Chronic or lingering tooth pain is a sign that something wrong is happening inside your tooth. Furthermore, prolonged tooth sensitivity, whether its constant or infrequent, could mean that your tooth needs a root canal.

While some people may avoid this treatment due to its reputation, there’s no reason to be afraid.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a common treatment performed in dental practices around the country. It is designed to remove pain inside teeth caused by infections. However, they may also be performed for those who experience dental injuries. When bacteria enter the inner area of teeth (known as the pulp), that area can easily become infected and trigger multiple symptoms.

Why Do I need a Root Canal?

If you’re experiencing severe tooth pain, facial swelling, high fever, or notice a severe darkening of your tooth, then it’s likely that you’ll need a root canal performed. Of course, removing pain isn’t the only reason you may need treatment. Oral infections are considered to be dental emergencies and can even be life-threatening due to their close proximity to the brain. If you experience these symptoms, do not hesitate to contact our office right away.

What is the Root Canal Process?

In order to confirm that an infection is present, we need to perform X-rays of the area in question. Once we know exactly where the infection sits, we’ll begin numbing the area in order to perform treatment. Then, we’ll create a small access hole in the top of your tooth so we can clear away infected pulp, irrigate the tooth, and shape the canal. Once cleaned, we’ll place filler material inside the tooth to replace the pulp and seal the tooth with a custom-made dental crown. After completion, your tooth will be fully restored!

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

Contrary to popular belief, root canal therapy itself does not cause pain. This is because the treatment area is always numbed prior to treatment. Any discomfort that does occur is due to the infection itself or from soreness after surgery, which is typical for treatments like these. Furthermore, practicing good aftercare is essential to reducing discomfort and ensuring a speedy recovery.

Recovering from a Root Canal

After your treatment is complete, you’ll be given specific instructions to manage your aftercare. Consider these points after your root canal therapy as a guide:

  • Wait until the anesthetic wears off before you eat foods again
  • Brush and floss as you would normally to keep the area clean
  • Take pain medication as needed to reduce discomfort
  • Take any antibiotics as prescribed
  • Get plenty of rest over the next several days

Contact our office right away if you experience swelling or increasing pain after your treatment

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