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Should Dentists Post on YouTube?

by Dr. Nathan

Ok, who doesn’t like a good Youtube video every once and a while. Youtube has grown from this tiny little platform in 2005 to a mega monster owned by google. They have anything from cute small cat videos to hour-long movies hosted on their site, but should dentists care about Youtube and, more importantly, patients?

Free information for dental patients

Just like Google, Youtube has an insane amount of free information. If you search for certain topics such as “Invisalign,” you will get tons of results. The problem with both is that anyone can post. You can be a dentist with 50 years’ experience or someone lacking credentials and just posing as a doctor.

The amount of information on Youtube is mind-boggling. Yet, the amount of GOOD dental information is actually relatively small. This is what surprised me the most! If you go to YouTube and type in “orthodontist,” there is actually relatively little information.

This is where a good post here and there can make all the difference. If I’m an experienced orthodontist, I want to tell patients everything I can about my field. This gets people excited about getting that beautiful smile and makes it less scary to come to the office.

An informed patient is the best patient

Patients may be surprised by this, but I truly believe informed patients are the best patients. When I start to explain something, and a patient says, “Oh, I think I’ve heard this before,” I know my explanation will be more straightforward.

If I’m explaining something and the patient is looking at me like I have three heads, I know this may take a while. Informed patients come with some knowledge, and they are more likely to accept treatment if they know I am telling them the truth and have their best interest in mind.

Youtube for dentists can be awkward

Yes, it can! But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it. I am always surprised at how many people we get asking us questions on Youtube and how grateful people are posting. I know for myself I’m happy when I’m searching for something, and a random person has answered my question even if the quality is not fantastic. 

What is a good length for a video?

I really think the length of a video depends on the content. Some videos will be short and sweet, while others may be 20 minutes or more. I love the longer educational style video, and patients seem to like that too.

You get to go a little deeper into the topics if you have longer videos. Instead of just skimming a topic, you can really get into it and show patients the true details of everything you are trying to demonstrate.

Personally, my videos average at about 10 minutes, but that’s just me. I’ve watched videos that are over 20 minutes but also been bored with some that are less than 3.

I believe content is king, so if you have something worthwhile saying, then, by all means, say it!


Even if dentists are not movie stars, I think Youtube is an absolute must. It’s important to inform patients because more informed people make better patients. It may feel a little weird to post on Youtube initially, but I believe it’s best for everyone in the long run. 

That being said, try checking out our Youtube channel and make your own decision!

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