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Are you looking for an orthodontist who can give you that smile you have always wanted with Invisalign?

Do you want a dental office that you and your whole family can go to?

If so, you Thrive Dental and Orthodontics will be your new home!

Read thousands of 5 star reviews from our Thrive patients

Cynthia M.
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They were so patient with me as I was concerned that my Invisalign trays were not fitting correctly. Good news they are on exactly on track and I’m able to move forward with week 4. Thank you for reassuring me that everything is fine.

Deborah S.
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I was looking for an orthodontist for Invisalign. I am now a year into care here; the staff and doctors are terrific. They take very good care of their patients! I am very happy with the Invisalign results and now am into their regular dental care with them.

Vanessa C.
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They thoroughly explained the pricing and options for braces/clear braces and Invisalign. The overall office space is very clean and super trendy. The complimentary beverages and coffee were a nice touch. Looking forward to scheduling my next appointment!

Tesia T.
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I had a great experience at this facility! Everyone was kind and very friendly. The office is clean and it seemed like the team worked well together, which made me feel more comfortable. I loved how there were TVs not only on the walls, but also on the ceiling so I could continue watching TV during my exam & cleaning.

Alex C.
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Thrive Dental and Orthodontics is an exceptional dental practice that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking quality dental care and treatment. From start to finish, my experience with Thrive has been nothing short of amazing, and I am grateful to have found this dental office to take care of my dental needs.

Hands holding invisalign transparent retainers with a box on

Invisalign treatment

Invisalign is one of the best ways to straighten your teeth and best of all you don't need braces!

Invisalign has been used on millions of patients but it’s important to know the pros and cons of these clear aligners.

Why Invisalign?

Let's talk about why you should choose Invisalign vs another.

Comfort: Invisalign is one of the most comfortable ways to straighten your teeth

Esthetics: Clear aligners are an esthetic way to get the smile you have always wanted.

Speed: There are less orthodontic visits and treatment may be quicker than traditional braces.

Results: Invisalign can move teeth in ways that braces cannot

Happy and smiling couple holding an invisaligne
Young smiling woman holding invisalign braces

More benefits of Invisalign...

Reduced Risk: With Invisalign, the movements are very precise and therefore there is less risk of tooth trauma.

Time-Saving: You will have less visits to the orthodontic office because we are able to give you many trays

Better Oral Hygiene: Unlike conventional braces, you take off your trays to brush and floss properly.

Custom trays and aligners for life: Your Invisalign aligners double as whitening trays and a nightguard during and after treatment which can protect your teeth.

How much does Invisalign cost?

We offer low monthly payments to help you get the smile you deserve. 

The price of Invisalign falls somewhere between $2500 and $6500, depending on the complexity and length of your case.

It will also depend on your orthodontic insurance coverage which we are happy to help you determine. 

If you have orthodontic coverage from your insurance this can be applied to Invisalign. Patients often didn’t know their orthodontic coverage can be applied to braces or Invisalign. 

Some insurance plans have a $2,000-$3500 lifetime maximum for coverage, which is usually about half to two-thirds of your total treatment cost.

Luckily, if you mention this ad, you will also get an additional $1500 off Invisalign treatment!

Invisalign braces or invisible retainer
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$1500 Off Invisalign

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